Retro Modern Furniture - Funky Designs You May Just Love!

Retro Modern Furniture


Retro modern furniture is old and new.

What's old and new, outdated and contemporary, and cool, hip and trendy all at the same time? Retro modern furniture!

The 50's and 60's of the 20th Century were decades of optimism, wealth and freedom! Everything seemed possible. People went to the moon, plastic conquered the mass market, and at night we sat in front of a brand-new technological miracle: the TV set!

Yes, that was the space age!

Designers thrived on the energy of that time. They came up with cool and funky designs people had never seen before, except in their wildest dreams. Chairs shaped like a ball or a mushroom, triangle tables or tables that looked like a modern sculpture...everything was either curved or angular.

Popular colors were red, orange, white, brown and yellow. Every color in the spectrum was acceptable as long as it was bright, bold and without a pattern. Even telephones surfaced in red!

Many of these pieces of furniture were made of plastic, chrome, aluminum, glass and fiberglass. Wood lovers had a hard time. Tradition was out and trendy furniture was in! Nevertheless, there were still wooden armoires, dressers and tables.



In the 70's, designers rediscovered tradition although their work often kept the smooth, clean lines of the decades before. Still, sofas, tables and chairs from that time are also often referred to as retro pieces.


You can buy vintage retro modern furniture at secondhand shops and flea markets. However, hold on to your hat when you read the price tag. Collectors are willing to pay huge amounts for authentic items in funky designs.

Or you can find new pieces with the retro modern look and feel. Check out the selection at trendy furniture stores.

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