Loft Kitchens – Lots of Open Space!

Open Modern Loft Kitchen


Make it easy to cook and entertain in your loft kitchen.

With the open space that is typically available in lofts, be sure to make your kitchen convenient for preparing food, cooking and entertaining.

Stainless steel appliances (or all black or all white), eye-catching granite countertops, and attractive solid wood, metal or smoked glass cabinets all lend a contemporary look and feel.

It's truly fun to cook in wide open loft kitchens. Be sure you have a kitchen island for ease when cooking. Typically an island sits in the middle of the kitchen space, however, with lofts, any layout can work well.

Kitchen islands help anchor the space and provide much needed counter space from every direction.

If you're adding an island, you can always select stock cabinetry and laminate counters to help keep costs down.

But why not build a custom free-standing island with all the bells and whistles that you'd like? An upgraded kitchen with an elaborate kitchen island is one of many design ideas that can really help with resale value.



Add decorative touches that showcase your design style.

Get creative! Try unique centerpieces for your kitchen island and dining table.

Also think about decorative kitchen towels, candles, plants, and other home decoration ideas that show off your decorative flair! And a cool, contemporary potrack hanging over the kitchen island always looks great and is so convenient when cooking.

Select lighting wisely. So many unique lighting options are available today that are both decorative and functional.

From beautiful pendant lighting to chandeliers and sconces, selecting the best lighting for loft kitchens can be a challenge.

Gather lots of design ideas and make design a priority. Try using natural elements when selecting your backsplash, flooring, countertops and blinds--going green is the wave of the future. And the future is here!



Looking to remodel your loft kitchen?

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