Loft Decorating Tips
Discover the Benefits of Loft Living Space!

Loft decorating tips - White works well in two-story lofts.


Are you looking for unique loft decorating tips? If so, grab a cup o'joe, relax and begin perusing...

Lofts are very popular!

Not only the young and trendy consider these spaces the coolest places on earth, but even older married couples love loft living and the interior designs of these open spaces.

Lofts have become symbols of a hip, contemporary, urban lifestyle.

But what are lofts? Are they just big open spaces? That’s really it--but it's the use of the space that make them so intriguing. Sometimes there isn't a separate kitchen, bedroom or nursery... it's just one big open space.


Time for some loft decorating tips. . .

Many of these one-huge-room apartments are located in former industrial buildings. But today they are also built new, and not only in big cities, but in small towns, too!

Having everything in one big room requires a radical change in mindset when decorating.

You may want to put a bookcase or an armoire against a wall, but how many walls are there? Probably not many. It's likely that with your open interior designs, your bookcase (a cool-looking, over-sized contemporary one) will become your wall!

And with loft living, most of your belongings may be in full view. Make sure to remember this when inviting guests to your home. . .



  • Before you start, walk around and decide where you want to sleep, eat, cook, watch TV, etc. Plan well. Create a map!

  • Do you have a cold hard floor? Contemporary area rugs keep your feet warm and can help define the boundaries of each room.

  • Your kitchen may be in the same room with your living and sleeping areas. Read more about loft kitchens here.
  • Cool accessories on exposed brick and timber walls and ceilings help create a unique space.

  • Use unconventional screens or room dividers to isolate your bathroom (or bed) from the rest of your loft apartment.
  • Contemporary furniture works best due to the urban feel of the loft condo or apartment. Natural fabrics (wool, cotton, leather, silk) and neutral colors look great. Metal furniture is also popular for loft living.

  • Storage space can be a problem. You may want to have a certain piece of furniture (storage cabinet, chest, etc) for storage in each room, designate an area just for storage, or rent some outside space for storing rarely used items.

The most important of all loft decorating tips is probably to forget everything you may have learned in the past about interior designs.

Lofts are cool, lofts are different. So be sure to think outside the box!


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