Living Room Designs You'll Love. . .


Contemporary Living Room with View


Ideas for living room designs are not hard to come by. It's just difficult to narrow down all the ideas and implement the best ones.

Tips on Designing the Living Room of Your Dreams!


Create a calming atmosphere.

Make sure your living room is a place where everyone can relax. Once the ambiance is agreed upon as a main objective of the room, living room decorating can begin!

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Don't clutter the room.

Too much furniture or too many home decor accessories can cause visual chaos. Less is more—especially with a more contemporary or modern decorating style! View contemporary furniture here.


Retro Living Room in Orange

Select room colors carefully.

Creative living room design includes selecting wall paint colors.

You can always choose a bright color such as orange, blue or lavendar for an accent wall....but just remember, that color will jump out at you every time you enter the room!

Neutral wall colors such as cream, taupe or light grey always work well throughout any home and is better for resale value, too!

And earth tones such as rust, dark taupe, mustard yellow, or pea green can always be used for accent walls, but don't be shy about getting creative with color!

The paint center at your local Lowe's or Home Depot can be a great help.

Also, if you live in an older, traditional home and want to showcase the living room room trim (especially if it's unique), paint the base boards and door frames in a lighter color within the same color family.

Modern Living Room

Find decorative home decor accessories that add style.

This is the fun part of living room decorating!

If you have wood or tile flooring, shop for a decorative area rug with an interesting design that has shades of your neutral base color and one or two of your accent colors.

Look online or at furniture stores for unique wall decor--something that you love and that catches your eye!

Why not create a small collage of photos in creative picture frames? The living room is a great place for family photos.

Candles are a must when picking out great home decor accessories. They add ambiance to the room and help highlight your accent colors.

Find an elegant vase to show off your decorating style and design sense while incorporating your required colors. Consider beautiful blown glass vases.

A large decorative planter with an oversized plant breathes life into the room. Bamboo decor adds an Asian feel.

Choose an ornate planter that makes people take a second look. Hand thrown pottery is always unique and adds a natural element to the room.