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Modern Living Room


Ready for more living room decorating and design ideas? Read on!

Classic chandeliers work well in modern interiors.

Think outside the box when gathering interior design living room ideas, especially if you're going after a more contemporary or modern look.

A good example of going against "old decorating rules" is the more prevalent use of chandeliers. Although typically used in more traditional and formal settings, ornate classic chandeliers look great with modern furniture and decor!

The picture above is proof...what a great combination of stark black and white furnishings, a splash of yellow from decorative pillows and an unexpected gold chandelier!

I'm currently renting a hip loft in downtown Chicago. When I first looked at the place I noticed the owner had a chandelier as the main source of light in the bedroom.

I wasn't crazy about the idea because I used to think a chandelier was only appropriate hanging above a formal dining room table. But it really grew on me and now I truly agree with the interior design experts who claim chandeliers can look shabby chic in a variety of room scenarios. View loft decorating tips here. Traditional Living Room


Think of lighting as an interior design element.

If you're using an interior designer, you’ll find living room design ideas often include decorative lighting.

Today there are so many options available that lighting can be both functional and decorative at the same time.

So, why use just a functional light source when you can add to your living room decorating style?

When thinking of living room ideas, why not think about lighting as a home décor accessory?

From contemporary track lighting to more traditional design wall sconces and shabby chic chandeliers, you may need help selecting the best options for your living room.

And loft living rooms need extra attention when it comes to lighting due to their large open spaces and high ceilings.



Personalize your living room.

Living room decorating includes adding your personality to the room! Hang a few photos of fond memories in artsy picture frames. You can even make a photo collage. Read more about contemporary wall decoration here.

Showcase treasured figurines from an exotic trip.

If you have a hobby like pottery or photography, incorporate your artwork into your living room ideas.

Make the room a reflection of what's important to you and your family.


Modern Design Living Room

Add color, texture and pattern.

Home decor accessories make any living room come "alive"...and this is the fun part about interior design!

Candles, vases, decorative pillows, area rugs, picture frames and wall art can all add color, texture and pattern to your living room--or any room!

Living room ideas are indeed plentiful, but just remember to be true to your sense of style.

Simply select your top living room decorating ideas and create a unique and comfortable space you love!