Great Kitchen Decorating Ideas
and Kitchen Design Themes

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Looking for Kitchen Decorating Ideas?

If you’re going to be remodeling or rearranging your kitchen anytime soon, you might want to spend a few minutes browsing our kitchen decorating ideas pages.

You’ll find kitchen design themes, and ideas about kitchen decoration you might not have thought of on your own! Let us help!


Kitchen Islands

Any kitchen with adequate space today has a kitchen island. Typically centered in the middle of the kitchen floor space, a kitchen island looks cool, provides easy access to kitchen supplies, making cooking easier and more fun! Learn more about kitchen islands here.

Designing a kitchen island is usually part of a full custom kitchen remodeling project. If you want to keep costs down, you can minimize the features you request and have the designer use stock kitchen cabinetry and laminated counters.

But instead, why not look into the less expensive, free-standing kitchen islands? I must say I’m impressed with all of the features and contemporary designs available.


Pot Racks

A typical accompaniment to a kitchen island, accessorizing with a potrack is among the great kitchen decorating ideas! Potracks can look very state-of-the-art modern, and can make your essential pots and pans easily accessible for cooking.


Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood floors--whether real or Pergo--have been popular in contemporary kitchens for a long time. You can also choose from ceramic tile, and marble or slate flooring.



You’ll obviously need contemporary or modern style rugs for comfort, and to carry through your modern interior decorating style. If you’ve already selected from the wide variety of kitchen design themes, picking out flooring is a bit easier...

For example, if you have decided on a southwestern décor theme, a ceramic tile—perhaps terra cotta---might just be the look you're after. Or. . .if you’ve decided on Japanese home decoration, bamboo flooring would work well with your décor style. Other kitchen design themes include: 50's, French, Cafe, sunflowers, a particular color or pattern (like pink or polka dots), and, of course, many more!

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