Kitchen Decorating Ideas
How Kitchen Appliances Add to the Look and Feel of Your Kitchen

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Ready for more great kitchen decorating ideas? Discover ideas about kitchen decoration you might not have thought of on your own!


Major Kitchen Appliances

Matching stainless steel kitchen appliances have been popular for the last few years.

But before you buy, make sure to consider all white, all black, or the up and coming new bronze tinted kitchen appliances you’ll be seeing more of soon!

Think about which styles and colors fit well with your décor, and also which ones hide dust and fingerprints. This is important!

Also, if you have a few extra dollars, go with the water (it can be filtered) and crushed or cubed ice dispenser on the outside of the fridge. I think it’s one of life’s luxuries!

Plus, it’s a lifesaver if you have kids—they can help themselves making it very easy on you!


Small Kitchen Appliances

Don’t forget that small appliances can definitely add to kitchen decoration.

In addition to the typical white ones that are available, more expensive stainless steel, red, blue and other brightly colored small appliances can be a part of great kitchen decorating ideas.

Be careful, though--the colors don’t enhance all kitchen decorating themes—and they can detract from a theme as well.



Kitchen Decorating Themes

I have a friend who has a Coca-Cola kitchen and she has bright red small kitchen appliances, including a toaster oven, blender and coffee maker!

You might think it would be obnoxious, but it looks great! It coincides well with her Big Boy and twist cone 4 feet tall figurines, and her 50’s retro malt shop table.

The figurines are attention-getting, because they are unique and large, and sit on a high shelf near the top of her vaulted ceiling.

Don’t underestimate the decorative touch that small kitchen appliances can add to kitchen decoration.

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