Interior Decorating Styles - Home Decoration at Its Best!

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Become familiar with a variety of interior decorating styles.

Knowing a variety of decorating styles will definitely help you create a unique look and feel to your home!

Whether it's Japanese or Italian, cottage style or western, you're sure to find one style...or quite a few to your liking.

Fashion trends come and go with the season. And the same goes for trends in decoration, but luckily not with the same speed. After all, who would want to re-decorate his or her entire home every three to six months? For living room design ideas and pictures, click here.

Right now warm colors are the dish of the day - and of tomorrow, according to experts.

They flourish when incorporated in a rustic cottage style. Cushions with floral fabrics combine well with white furniture in graceful lines. The combination creates an intimate, primary, cozy and romantic atmosphere. Imagine what it could do to your home!


Tuscan style adds a bit of romance to the room.

Even more romantic is the Tuscan style that combines natural materials and warm, earthy colors creating a very cozy home, even if you're an accidental visitor.

Tuscans often use ceramic objects, love large dining tables - you'll understand why once you know their cuisine - and terra-cotta tile floors.


Completely different is the clean Scandinavian look.

Square sofas, streamlined accessories and bold colors, the Scandinavian look is modern. It echoes the Fifties, but has become so timeless we're sure it's here to stay for many years to come.


Asian style decorating for a calm atmosphere.

And then, there's feng shui. Not really a style, but a taoist practice that achieves harmony with the environment and reflects the personality of the occupant, leading to happiness and peace of mind.

Nothing is coincidental with feng shui. A deliberate placing of room elements, feng shui is certainly worth reading about!

Feng shui comes from China, and the subtle Asian way of looking at the world. It's also reflected in Zen style decorating and has had a major influence on interior decorating styles.

And Japanese home decoration adds a different Asian decorating flair.

Decorating with bamboo and tapestries can make your home look completely different.


Not enough adventure?

Why not combine some (or even all) of these interior decorating styles? This will lead to an eclectic style that no one has, but you!

By the way, there are no clear definitions or fixed guidelines for most interior decorating styles. They're more like a set of characteristics. Choose what you like, get the right materials and furniture, and off you go! Read more about decorating living rooms here.

And be on the lookout for any new home decoration trends. You can always keep your home looking up-to-date with a few trendy accessories!