Interior Decorating for Dining Rooms – Know The Basics

Modern Dining Room Interior Decorating


Create a calm and peaceful environment.

When thinking about interior decorating for dining rooms, it's sounds like really simple advice . . . but make sure you think about the regular uses of the room.

For most, the dining room is used for having dinner and entertaining guests. Others use the dining room late night for work or study. And sometimes children need the large dining table for playing games.

Regardless of what you use this special gathering room for, it's best to go with functional furniture and a calm and peaceful environment that has character and flexibility.



Here’s a number of helpful tips on interior decorating for dining rooms:

  • Use solid quality furniture

A good dining room set is expensive, but it is the foundation of the entire dining room. . .so don't skimp on this purchase!

It's contemporary or traditional look and feel sets the tone of the room, and it's ability to withstand rough handling is often necessary for it's multi-functional use. Read about contemporary furniture here.


  • Create an interesting back drop

Interesting drapes, a cool clock, or a visually-stimulating bookcase all work well. Use symmetry for a quiet overall calm, or less symmetry for a more flexible, free feeling. Use the dining room set as the focal point of the room.


  • Add an area rug with style under the table

Rugs add warmth and often make rooms seem smaller, creating a cozy ambiance. Area rugs are best when used on hard flooring surfaces. Choose your colors wisely. Allow the rug to showcase your accent colors.

Think of the size of your dining room furniture. Make sure the area rug is large enough and that it works well with your dining room set. Be sure each dining chair remains on the rug when pulled out.

You don't want the chairs half on and half off the rug at any given point. Read about contemporary area rugs, modern style rugs, unique area rugs and Andy Warhol rugs.


  • Think of your privacy when dining

Make sure your family time at the dinner table remains private. Keep out those nosey neighbors or any other distractions! Possible solutions include drapes, blinds, and non-glaring windows.


  • Choose lighting that is both functional and decorative

People eat with their mouth, eyes and nose. What looks good, tastes good. Make sure people can clearly see what’s on their plate!

Make sure the lighting adds to the overall aesthetics of the room, too. And don't be afraid to mix decorating styles a bit.

The lighting in the above picture adds an element of surprise and whimsy to an otherwise simple contemporary look.

When thinking about interior decorating for dining rooms, solutions may seem simple, but it's the furniture and attention to detail that makes the room both functional, cozy and peaceful.

How about zen-inspired interior decorating for dining rooms?