Home Decor Gifts Help Spruce Up A Living Space!

Home Decor Gifts - Votive Candle Holders


Home decor gifts are very treasured by recipients.

Even so, they are often over-looked! Whether you're buying a gift for a friend or relative, home decor items make very thoughtful gifts.

Just think about your gift recipient's living space. What type of decor items would fit right in? Think about the person's overall decorating style--traditional, transitional or contemporary--and the current colors being used.


Here are home decor gifts you just might want to consider:

Candles - Candles always make welcome gifts! Has the gift recipient changed the d├ęcor in her apartment or in a certain room in her house? Then choose a candle or two that will go well with her new accent colors, or help her create a more romantic ambiance when desired. Another option is to select an inspirational candle that smells great, and has a simple quotation she loves.

Coasters - Coasters are fun gifts! They add color and pizazz to a room, and they're a great conversational piece while entertaining. Aside from the typical decorative coasters, there are coasters that ask trivia questions, provide statements that elicit bizarre conversation, or prod one guest to find another with the correct interlocking coaster.

Decorative Pillows - A creative gift that spruces up decor, decorative pillows are a great gift idea. Choose two or three that coordinate well with your gift recipient's current decor style, add a splash of unexpected color, or say "let's celebrate" with a seasonal or holiday theme.

Decorative Soaps - Adorable gifts, decorative soaps are fun, functional, help coordinate a particular theme, and are a nice little decorative touch to any room with a sink. Be adventurous when gift-giving! From different soap colors to different sizes and shapes....be creative!

Magnets - Another great home decor gift, see how creative you can be with magnets! They're available in all different themes, and some have the whole alphabet with extra vowels to spell out messages. A friend of mine has a Coca-Cola kitchen decked out with everything retro. I've given her lots of Coca-Cola magnets as gifts, and she's always eager to add another cool one to her collection.

Seasonal and Holiday Decor Items - Does your gift recipient love to decorate for the holidays? If so, gather some fun, decorative little candles, tumblers, wine glasses, bath or kitchen towels, soaps, a serving platter, wreath, or any other type of seasonal decoration you think she'll like. Seasonal home decor items are fun gifts that really help spruce up a living space!

Wall Art - Be creative and get "wall art" if your gift recipient wants to change or add to the overall look of her current decor style! Let's face it, not everyone has a knack for decorating. She might really appreciate your creative touch! Wall art can change the whole look of the living space and bring a surprisingly fresh feel to the environment!

We hope this list of home decor gifts provides you with some great ideas.

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