Home Office Decorating Tips - Furniture and Equipment

Home Office Decorating



Home office decorating includes carefully selecting your furniture and equipment. It's important for your creating a productive work environment.

When you’re running a small business from your home, you will spend more hours than you think in your office. With the following tips, you can create a contemporary and cost-effective workplace!


The most important piece of furniture will be your desk.

Very often an L-arrangement is used, with a secondary work surface at one side of the main desk, providing an excellent location for your computer or other office equipment.

If new furnishings are not in your budget, you can paint old pieces of furniture (like an old storage cabinet or bookshelf) with colors that work well within your space.


Desk chairs need to move, so place your chair on a hard flooring surface if at all possible.

Ergonomic office furniture is important! Choose a well-designed, ergonomic chair with lumbar support. And make sure your computer screen is at eye level and that the majority of your office supplies are easily within reach.

Pay attention to adequate lighting when thinking about home office decorating. Lighting should be a comfortable brightness, but not distractive because of glare from your computer monitor.



A small business will need a computer, printer, phone, fax machine, copier and scanner.

If you have separate office equipment pieces, save space by buying an all-in-one printer/copier/fax/scanner. These machines are often reasonably priced, although occasionally, the quality leaves something to be desired. Choose carefully!

The same goes for your computer. If space is limited, consider buying a powerful laptop computer instead of a desktop and use it as your main workstation.

Laptops not only save space, but also the need for a large amount of cables. And with the speed of computer technology today, there's no need to buy a model with all the bells and whistles.

Within a year you'll find a model that's better, faster and much cheaper. Of course, you won't upgrade every year, but even with a small business you'll want to consider the advantages of the latest technology about every 3 years.


Finally, one important home office decorating tip:

If there’s something you don’t need to use with regards to office equipment or furniture, keep it out of the room! You should be able to focus on your business with the least amount of clutter possible.

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