Home Decoration Ideas: New World, Same Living Room!

Living Room Home Decoration Ideas



Home decoration ideas - we think of them every time we walk into a furniture or home improvement store.

Whatever decorating style you prefer, there are always a few things you can do to make your place look even better.

Spontaneous, unexpected and downright crazy ideas are often the best in bringing life to your living space!

Let’s name a few....

  • Decorating with nautical items like a model ship, anchor or ships wheel has become pretty hot over the years. Even in a contemporary interior, it may work surprisingly well as a breaking point among more neutral colors and home decor.

  • Ever thought of having art painted on your ceiling as a home improvement? If so, think about whether you have an artist among your friends. You’ll be surprised at how great a painting on your ceiling can look!

  • Add wall art where you have empty walls. Try geometric forms or a romantic landscape - the choice is yours.

  • For more home decoration ideas, have you ever thought of a plastic dining set? We all know plastic tables and chairs can be used outside, but when plastic came up in the Sixties it was also used for indoor home decor and furniture!

  • How about a decorating your living room with a comfortable ball chair, often described as a "room within a room" -it's still available!

  • And what about doors? Get rid of that ugly color and select one that fits your room! Or replace the whole thing. A new door can open new worlds.

  • Interesting vases, pillows, curtains and rugs offer an incredible amount of possibilities for home improvement. Even candles...we all know the calming and intimate power of a candle.



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  • Decorating with bamboo gives your home an Asian feel. There’s quite a bit you can do to your interior with this strong and natural material! Think of bamboo chairs, bamboo room dividers, bamboo trays, bamboo place mats...

  • Tropical decorating is lots of fun. Use houseplants, fruits, art prints and animal patterns to create an atmosphere of sandy beaches and colorful, exotic rain forests.

  • Perhaps your living room needs a new layer of paint or fresh new wallpaper. If your walls are currently all white and you don’t like the sterility of the look, change it! A golden brown or deep red accent wall can work magic in a room.

  • Of course, changing the your wall decoration--whatever it may be now--can dramatically alter the look and feel of the living space.

  • Here's another one that works well if you have big windows and high ceilings in your living room...don't add furniture but remove it! By doing so the architecture becomes a bigger focus of your room.


Explore this web site and think about the potential for each idea to work in your own living space.

Keep an open mind, and then trust your instincts to come up with even more home decor possibilities.

You'll have an extensive list of great home decoration ideas in no time!

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