Home Decor And Furniture - The Latest Trend Is No Trend

Modern Sofa


Home decor and furniture compliment each other in every room and throughout the house--foyers and mudrooms included!

They must coordinate very well to bring overall harmony to the living space.

For example, you can use an old-style floor lamp with a more contemporary sunny yellow rug (on a tile floor), but they should both help accessorize your sofa, bookcase and coffee table well.


Do you want to know the latest trends in furnishings?

Clean lines and warm colors in home decoration are more popular than ever before.

Oak and birch are still among the most popular woods, but bamboo is gaining ground quickly.

Yet, trends in furnishing are slowly disappearing. The main trend is really no trend at all. It is perfectly acceptable and even desired to have eclectic home decor and furniture from several styles together in one room.



Eclectic decorating rules!

Good taste will always remain. But when your furnishings reflect your personality with out-of-the-box ideas, anything goes. And that's what eclectic decorating is all about! That’s the current attitude on home decoration.

This completely free approach offers a whole range of new opportunities.

Why not buy a cool piece of unfinished furniture?

Stain the wood one of your accent colors, such as a bright red, blue green or yellow. You'll own a piece that is uniquely yours, and it will help accessorize your space beautifully!

You can take it a step further and contact a craftsman to create a few custom pieces of furniture. They'll be just what you're looking for--truly unique pieces! And this approach may be less expensive than you thought. Call around and get a few quotes.

Of course, if you prefer to select your furnishings ready-made, there's an enormous selection both on-line and off-line. Read more about home decoration ideas and home decor shopping here.


Why not combine some great furniture styles?

For example, combining contemporary and retro furniture styles together works great.

This encompasses many 20th Century styles that have sharp lines, bold colors and geometric patterns in both furniture and accessories.

Very popular now are mission style furnishings, which are typically oak with clean, sleek lines. They look retro and strong, and modern and warm all at the same time.

And let’s not forget the clean, contemporary look of Scandinavian furniture. Sweden and Denmark are its most important producers, and it's still very popular worldwide thanks to its combination of elegance and simplicity.

Use your imagination.

Home decor and furniture will always need to coordinate well, even if they're from different home decoration styles!