Decorating Tips And Decoration
Ideas For A Living Room

Living Room Furniture


Decoration ideas for a living room certainly do not have to be expensive or complicated!

Here's a list of inspirational decorating tips you can easily use for your living room...

  • Rearrange your furniture. Sounds simple, right?

Determine the focal point of the room for you and your family. Do you love watching movies in your home theater? Do you often gather together around the fireplace? Do you love living room designs with a spectacular view?

Place your sofa where you can watch TV, enjoy your fireplace or take in your view. By the way, there’s some really nice plasma TV furniture available with clean lines and simple elegance that's primed for modern interior decorating.

Furnishings do not always have to be symmetrically placed--in fact, it's best if they are not! Experiment with different positions to see what looks good and works well with the traffic flow.

Regardless of what decoration ideas for a living room you have, don’t forget that this is also your busiest room. Your furnishings, such as a sleek floor lamp or cozy chair, should be able to move freely if desired and make sense with the overall feeling and functionality of the room. Don't skimp on comfort for modern interior decorating!


  • Use decorative flower vases and plants.

Flowers and plants will bring life to your living room! Put a big plant in the corner, or on a side table against an empty wall and you won't even need wall decoration in that area. But if you often forget to water plants, silk flowers and plants look almost "real". Decorating with bamboo is also an option--the bamboo plant thrives in a simple pool of water!

And unique combinations of dried flowers and greenery can be very eye-catching and help bring out your accent colors.

Shop at Hobby Lobby or Michael's and pick out several different kinds of flowers in the exact colors you need! Arrange them in a glass vase with cool colored glass beads, a wicker basket or a beautiful piece of pottery.

But don't make the flowers and their container compete for your eye---one or the other should be the focal point!


Ready for more great decorating tips?

  • Use a large mirror to create a sense of space.

You know the feeling. You go into a store that looks really big from the outside only to find out the space has “doubled” with a huge wall mirror.

The good news is that you can use this trick with modern interior decorating, too. Mirrors in geometric shapes can become wall art, adding design and depth to the room. But just be careful where you walk--it's still a wall! Of all the decoration ideas for a living room, this one is great for visually multiplying the living space!

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