Decorating with Wall Clocks
Combine Functionality with Decoration

Decorating with Wall Clocks

Decorating with wall clocks can add color, design and life to your room.

Most people use a clock only as a functional item, but it can be great for decoration as well.

I especially like seeing a unique, oversized contemporary wall clock in modern interiors. It commands a presence in the room, and is decorative and functional at the same time!

Stock exchanges and big companies with international clients often have several clocks reflecting the time in New York, London, Moscow, Sydney and other time zones. We've all seen this on TV, at work, or on the internet.

Have you ever thought of displaying the same thing at home?

A row of clocks truly combines functionality with decoration. And it won’t kill your budget either! You can get a beautiful wall clock or two---or even three--on many cool home decor websites--or even on eBay for anywhere from $50 to $100 total, depending upon the size and design.

And it’s a very convenient home decor item if you have a friend or relative in a different time zone. The person will be impressed you no longer wake him or her out of bed anymore. You'll never be accused of incorrectly calculating the time change again!

Floor clocks are also popular. And with manufacturers like Howard Miller, Seiko and Bulova at the helm, contemporary designs are sleek, and can be subtlety or boldly add to modern interiors.



Consider making your own wall clock.

Get creative! When we talk about decorating with wall clocks, making your own wall clock is also an option.

We all keep plenty of useless stuff around the house. Why not turn it into a useful and attractive item that peacefully tells time?

For example, use a damaged CD, an old vinyl record or perhaps even a life preserver! Combine it with the required clock mechanisms (found on the internet or at a clock parts or repair shop), add a metal or wooden plate for extra stability, and you’ll have a unique clock that you made yourself!


A wall clock is a perfect gift!

Do you have a friend that still dreams of owning an early 70’s Corvette? Does your mom always shed a tear when hearing the golden voice of Elvis Presley? Does your nephew collect everything related to dinosaurs? Does your father loves his daily Miller Lite?

Gift shops are now chock full of clocks made from just about anything--beautiful art prints, slate and marble slabs, pop culture items, nuts, bolts and industrial parts, beer can replicas, and of course, the funky neon wall clocks that have been popular for years. Shop around and select your favorites.

You're sure to find an interesting clock that will make a perfect home decor gift for everyone on your list! Find more home decor gifts here.

As you can see, you can get very creative and have a lot of fun when decorating with wall clocks.

Decorating with wall clocks is just one of our many office decorating ideas found here.

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