Decorating With Nautical Items
Adventure In Your Home

Glass Jars and Candles with Nautical Items


Is decorating with nautical items for you?

If you're thinking maybe not. . .we can understand. Stuffing your living room full of ships wheels, dive helmets and globes may seem a bit "different".


You can add a unique touch to even the most modern interior if you select the right objects and place them in the right locations. Keep an open mind!

Nautical decoration is nothing new. Ever since people have sailed the seven seas, they’ve brought home objects from their long voyages across the water.

Times have changed, though! Air cargo has taken over and those that decorate their homes with model ships and sextants are not just sailors, but many have probably never "stepped foot" on a boat. They just love everything related to ships.

After all, life at sea represents adventure, exploration and freedom – qualities we often miss in our daily routine.


What interesting nautical decoration is out there?

Plenty, ranging from secondhand stuff to replicas. . .

  • Brass lanterns and oil lamps - Great for decorative accents, they make excellent gifts.
  • Dive helmets - Cool replicas from before snorkels and goggles were introduced, they're available in both full-size and scaled down versions.
  • Model ships - You can buy them in all sizes, made of all kinds of materials.
  • Decorative room dividers - Divide your room with hand-painted screens featuring sea views, cliffs and crashing waves.
  • Sextants - An old measuring instrument, a sextant adds seaside nautical decoration to a small table and adds an eclectic flair to a modern interior.
  • Ship's bell - Do you want a unique way to show your kids dinner is ready?
  • Telescopes - Often used for navigational instruments on the opens seas, they double as a tool for star-gazing!
  • Barometers, wind indicators, nautical clocks and many more!

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If you love modern interior decoration, and have your place full of contemporary furniture, using these items sparsely is recommended.

However, they are perfect if you want to add an eclectic element or a touch of irony to your interior. For example, you could put a replica of an old telescope in front of a loft window. Or, place a big, elegant brass globe near an empty wall to add life to the sterile look. Read more on loft decorating here.


Sea lovers make decorating with nautical items a top priority!

Here are a few tips:

  • You can’t have a lighthouse in your living room, but you can have lighthouse lights, room divider screens and area rugs with pictures of lighthouses.
  • Sailor flags, telescopes and sextants give decorative accents to lobbys, home offices and other places where you might welcome guests.
  • Do you want a nautical style kitchen? Put a large column at both ends of your kitchen island reminiscent of ship’s masts, and buy bar stools that look like lighthouses!
  • Decorate the walls of your living room with framed art prints of boats.
  • Water is mainly used in your bathroom. Repaint it with light blue and sandy beach and seaside colors, and then add a model ship and lighthouse replica for decoration.
Whether you’re a yacht owner, retired sailor, or a modern landlubber, decorating with nautical items has many possibilities!

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