Decorating with Bamboo – A Piece of Nature in Your Home


Decorating with bamboo gives your home an Asian feel.

The possibilities of this sustainable, eco-friendly grass are almost endless.

Bamboo is basically just grass, but with two special characteristics. It grows quickly and it’s ultrastrong. When dried, you can use it for many purposes, and it’s impressive what people create with it!

A short list of what we have seen in shops includes: soapboxes, ashtrays, laundry baskets, mirror frames, towel hangers, cutting boards, candleholders, trays, place mats, teacups, toilet paper holders, room divider screens, floors, furniture...


You may be wondering if there's anything you CANNOT create with bamboo.

And let’s call it what it is – dried grass!

Some use it to decorate table lamps or vases. And on television we saw a lady who covered her wastebasket with the popular Asian grass for decoration! Read more on bamboo decor.

We almost forget to mention that you can also use it just as it is--a cool plant!

Although some bamboo grows to over 100 feet, there are also kinds that grow to only a foot--perfect for your living room.

Medusa bamboo in rather unique in that it grows in almost every lighting condition. Put it in an interesting glass vase with white stones and water, and you have a beautiful decorative item!

Decorating with bamboo is often associated with zen style decorating as it brings an earthy, natural element to your home, as well as warmth and serenity.




Treat bamboo with care.

Just think of the cracks you hear when sitting in a bamboo chair. That's because bamboo dries out quickly. But too much water isn’t good either, so refrain from using bamboo furniture on a porch exposed to the elements.

You can dust bamboo furniture (and other items) regularly with a small brush, or use water and mild soap when cleaning. But let the items dry out fully before use.

The same goes for bamboo floors. Use a dust mop or a lightly dampened mop, and dry the floor immediately. Treating your floor this way will keep it in a perfect condition for a long very time.


Decorating with bamboo is kind to your budget.

Most items are priced well, and thanks to their durability, they're also great bargains.

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