Who Says Decorating Kids Bedrooms Isn't Fun?

Cute Girls Room


Decorating kids bedrooms is a lot of fun!

One thing is for sure--you'll feel like a kid again. Plus, you’ll get your best decorating ideas from imagining you’re a little tot on a magical adventure!

First pick out a room theme that you and your child will both like. But before finalizing your decision, think about the versatility of each theme. Can it be changed rather easily in a few years if your child decides on a new one? This is a likely occurrence so think about it now!

Here are some popular kids bedroom themes:

Girls Bedroom Themes:

Tea Party
Polka Dots
Geometric Shapes
Stuffed Animals
Just Pink!
Lace and Ribbons

Boys Bedroom Themes:

Trains & Transportation
Sport Cars
Frogs and Geckos
Planets/Outer Space



Once you've decided on a bedroom theme, think of all the ways you can carry the theme throughout the room.

Here are a few decorating ideas...

  • Wall stencils - Follow the current craze by applying vinyl graphic images (they're removable) or sponge paint motifs the old fashhioned way

  • Frame prints from old calendars or cards

  • Print out and frame photos you love from the internet

  • Find a decorative light switch with your bedroom theme

  • Look for decorative pillows with your favored motif or color

  • Check out stores and websites for themed and/or personalized rugs

  • Swap out an old lampshade for a newer themed shade

  • Bed in a bag - Find one that works well with your room decor or find separate pieces that look great together

  • Desk accessories - Look for a matching or coordinating set

  • Bedroom chair(s) - Create a reading nook if you have the room. Consider a beanbag, egg or suspended chair.

    As you can see, decorating kids bedrooms can be a lot of fun. Bring your creativity and sense of adventure!

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