Decorating A Loft – A Different Look
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Decorating a Loft


Are there any rules to follow when decorating a loft?

Not really! In fact, you can look at modern interior design, lighting and wall decoration in a totally different get excited!

Lofts have a wide open, spacious and uncluttered atmosphere--even when they are empty. Probably the worst thing you could do is hang wallpaper and get dark oak furniture!

Opt for contemporary or modern furniture with sleek lines and curves. As far as colors go, you might have concrete walls. Leave them natural for the more industrial look lofts are known for. . .or paint with neutrals--white for a very modern, clean look or cream or beige for a warmer feel.

Then decide on accent wall colors with neutrals such as sage, taupe or rust. Your room accent colors are where you can bring in bursts of color such as oranges, red, violets, yellows--whatever you choose!

Home decor accessories add color and style.

Be creative when decorating a loft! Home decor accessories like candles, vases, planters and pillows add color and design to your interior, while big, leafy green exotic plants add life and vitality. Greenery rules! It always works well in any interior with large open windows.

Let the sunshine in with lofts.

Often lofts are know for their great views and large number of windows. But if your windows are limited there's a simple trick you might want to try.

Strategically place a mirror where it can reflect the natural sunlight that comes in through the windows and it will help multiply your light. Test this out on a sunny day to determine the best placement.

Of course you might have the opposite problem...too much light due to large windows. Use good blinds – not curtains - to keep the sun outside. Blinds help keep the contemporary look and feel of your loft and also keep your place cool on hot summer days.

Modern interior design calls for decorative lighting.

Cable or track lighting will emphasize the urban feel of your condo. And there's plenty of contemporary lighting out there that's decorative and functional. Pay special attention to the kitchen--you will need more light there for food preparation. Read more on loft kitchens here.

Wall decoration is key!

Since lofts are typically wide open spaces, you probably don’t have many walls. Some people place furniture items such as contemporary-looking armoires, bookcases or room dividers in the living space to create walls. These pieces can be great for storage, too.

Although the overall style of lofts is best if kept contemporary, it’s never wrong to add antiques or other items that showcase your personality to make the interior more eclectic. Remember, there are no loft decorating rules to follow!


If you like modern interior design, decorating a loft can be a welcome challenge!

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