Decorating A Boys Room – Adventure Awaits!

Colorful Boy's Bedroom


If you’re decorating a boys room, you might just want to take a few minutes to browse this section of our website.

You’ll find lots of great kids room decorating ideas, including bedroom themes right here.....


Boys room decorating ideas are full of anticipation and adventure.

From TV and movie characters to the classic storybook characters, to baseball, hockey, racing car, safari, science, and western bedroom themes, and much more! Of course, there’s always the favorite color theme, too, and this can be combined with a graphic element such as cars, sports or animals.


Decorating a boys room should be like child’s play.

Feeling like a kid again is fun! Just imagine being your little boy's age again. What would you want your room to look like?

Kids room decorating ideas are best when they come from what your child is passionate about! For example, my little nephew is fanatical about race cars. In fact, he has a collection of Hot Wheels too high to count. Out of all the possible bedroom themes, he knew he wanted a racing car theme, and he just loves it!



His bed is in the shape of an actual racing car, his bedroom lamp bases are race cars, and he has a race car light switch plate. He also has adorable race car framed prints above his bed.

The prints are all of red race cars--his favorite color! And a race car play rug sits on the floor, where he eagerly races his favorite Nascar Hot Wheels with his friends!


Selecting suitable bedroom decorating themes is key!

If you pretend you’re on a magical adventure with your child, you’ll come up with unique, bedroom decorating themes and kids room decorating ideas your child will love.

First ask yourself the following questions about your child:

  • What is his favorite color?
  • What are his favorite things to do? Does he like video games? Sports? Airplanes? Musical instruments?
  • What type of vision does he have for his room?

The answers will help you select the best bedroom themes for your particular child.

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