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contemporary wall decoration


Contemporary wall decoration is fun to shop for, decorate with and even create yourself! And it's part of our list of cheap decorating ideas!

Get creative and make-your-own wall art!

I've created some pretty neat wall art if I say so myself! One of my favorite projects consisted of first buying 5 qty-- 5" x 5" x 1 1/2" white canvases.

I then used an inch wide brush to create some interesting squares and rectangles with the chosen paint colors.

After deciding which colors I really wanted to jump off the canvas (in this case bright yellow and an orange red), I then added extra water to a small amount of yellow and orange red.

I proceeded to "splash paint" dots of the colors on top of the existing images (by flicking the wet paint coated brush). The 5 canvases can definitely be defined as "contemporary wall decoration" and they look great.

One really nice thing about this unusual size canvas--it can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. I especially like them displayed vertically when trying to highlight a beam, or a narrow area of a wall with a high ceiling.

The visual look of the vertical display catches attention and makes the space appear larger. Why not try this project yourself?

Loft decorating tips - White works well in two-story lofts.


More contemporary decorating ideas. . .

Wall Clocks - Decorating with wall clocks is a great way to add function and art to your walls. There are lots of really creative contemporary wall clocks, floor clocks and desk clocks on the market today. You're sure to find one--or a few--that fit your decor style perfectly!

Wall Decorating - What can you do with walls you might be asking? Well, you can paint, stencil, wallpaper, use decals, add a texture, sponge paint, and a host of other things! Contemporary decorating on walls is lots of fun! Be creative!

Wall Art - Decorating with wall art definitely adds to the overall ambiance of the room. Posters, art prints, photo collages, metal art, mobiles, or even your own paintings or other artwork (like the great idea above!) all greatly enhance the look and feel of the space. Wall art lets your creativity shine!

As you can see, contemporary wall decoration includes just about anything that can adorn a wall that is non-traditional in decor style.

If you love the modern interior design style like I do, you'll love the wide array of choices available for wall decoration!

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