Contemporary Furniture - Cool, Hip and Fresh!

Contemporary Furniture in Living Room


Can contemporary furniture change the look and feel of my whole room?

It sure can! Plus, today interior designers are combining contemporary furniture and rugs with more traditional accessories to provide a more chic look to home interiors.

Perhaps you’ve seen great rooms that use modern interior decorating on HGTV or other home decorating channels.

Whether you live downtown in a cool loft, or in a house in the suburbs, contemporary furniture isn't going away anytime soon. With strong European influence, the simple, modular designs have clean lines, bold colors and geometric or organic shaped patterns. It’s has a clean, uncluttered look that most people love!

It’s especially important that the furniture not be too matchy-matchy, or you’ll be faced with a somewhat sterile or over-patterned look.

Whenever I see really neat modern home interiors, they always seem so calming yet artsy--with the emphasis on artsy! It's a look I just prefer over all other interior decorating styles!


A funky chair....REALLY?

You wouldn’t want all your furniture to be really bold in color and design. But you can be creative with a few brightly colored or patterned chairs, or a funky recliner and ottoman for example. Go ahead a make a statement--a funky chair can be a great conversational piece for your next get-together.

Add a few contemporary area rugs throughout your place (with the same overall colors and design elements), along with modern geometric or abstract wall art. And don’t forget accessories like funky clocks, decorating with nautical items, decorative pillows, decorative kitchen towels, etc. You’ll have a fresh, new look to your place in no time!

If this site has peaked your interest in modern interior decorating, pick up any contemporary home decorating magazine next time you have the opportunity. You’ll see lots of home interiors with contemporary furniture, and really neat modern accessories.

If you’re like me, you’ll be hooked on this truly unforgettable design style!

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