Contemporary Area Rugs Add Excitement
To Contemporary Interiors!

Contemporary Shag Rug in Modern Living Room


Add excitement and style to contemporary interiors.

Contemporary area rugs can add excitement and style to the clean, uncluttered look of contemporary interiors.

Bold colors make a statement and together with geometric or abstract designs, a true piece of art is created!

The overall look and feel of contemporary interiors has been inspired by the works of well-known artists and their creative styles.



Area rugs are more popular than ever.

Area rugs have increased in popularity along with the increase in hardwood, slate, marble and ceramic tile floors.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is seen less and less. The good news is that an area rug--this simple piece of cut carpeting--gives the home owner another way to add splashes of color and display his or her interior decorating style.

Contemporary area rugs often have surprising color, strong lines, and geometric shapes.

Free-form, organic shapes are also used, however, precise geometric shapes and the careful placement of them in the overall design is more typical. Of course, texture can also be the dominant element used just like in the above picture.

Area rugs add comfort and style to the simplicity of contemporary interiors. Bold home decor accessories help bring out the colors and design elements in area rugs, and help make the room’s accent colors "pop."

Don't be afraid to let your area rug attract attention and make an artistic statement!

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