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Marilyn Monroe - Andy Warhol Rugs



Are You a Pop Art Enthusiast?

Andy Warhol rugs mirror the allure of this American icon's Pop Art graphic style both in color and design. If you are drawn to Pop Art and interior decorating, you will absolutely love these modern art rugs!

Known for his repetitive graphic images that reflect the pop culture of his time, Andy Warhol’s famous 32 Campbell Soup Cans were first exhibited in a Los Angeles gallery in 1961.

Although Pop Art originated in the United States in the early 1950's, it became dramatically more popular over the following two decades due to Warhol's collection of work.

Its influence on interior decorating and design spread quickly throughout Europe as well.

The excitement surrounding Warhol's design style, which plays on the prevalence of mass media and its constant repetition of the same advertising messages, hit a cord with the American public immediately.


Warhol's Use of Celebrities

He also developed mass produced canvases from photographs of famous celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Onassis, Elvis Presley and others.

The Andy Warhol rugs that are available today embody his design appeal and have impacted modern interior decorating.

Warhol's Marilyn Monroe images became one of his most famous collections of works. They first appeared in public shortly before Marilyn's death, but had overwhelming demand after the legend passed away.

Recognized as being one of the first artists to experiment with printing technologies of the 1960’s, Warhol essentially perfected the use of silk screen printing for use in art.

He was a truly creative and artistic trailblazer for his time, and his modern art rugs reflect the excitement of his Pop Art designs.

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