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Andy Warhol Rug Collection


Andy Warhol Rugs. . .A Great Conversation Starter!

The Andy Warhol rug collection contains modern art rugs that encompass his unique design style over the entire span of his eventful career.

Although best known for being among the elite pop artists of his time, Warhol was also known for being one of the first artists to experiment with the latest printing technologies to reproduce his pop art.

Through the use of silk screenprinting, he was able to mass produce his famous celebrity images, including those of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Jackie Onassis among others.

As if to mimic mass media, Warhol mass produced his art , leading the way for future art reproduction.


Warhol's Unique Design Style. . .

The Warhol rug collection is divided into 4 major design categories that also represent his art portfolio:

Pop Abstracts – These abstract designs were derived from his well-known "Pop Art" period. These modern art rugs contain fun, geometric shapes in repetitive patterns and bold colors.

Signature Designs – Containing some of his most recognizable images, this rug collection contains whimsical designs of women’s shoes and purses.

Simply Andy – Taken from his early days as a fashion illustrator, these modern art rug designs incorporate Warhol’s work on countless pencil drawings.

Factory Designs – Derived from his "Factory" period, these designs reflect his use of pattern, textures and shading.

Modern art rugs with a true, eclectic flair, this Andy Warhol rug collection is a "must see" for those who love Pop Art!

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